Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day Observations aka Blizzard 12/9/09

  • It took Hubby more than 2 hours to dig us out. And that was only 1/2 the driveway and a path to the chickens. I tried to help but was pretty much useless considering the need to keep running in to see if the kids were awake yet. That and it was really cold.
  • I need to get better cold weather gear. Starting with new mittens.
  • Successfully avoided doing much other than laundry and dishes and picking up the living room 23 times.
  • It is 7:00 pm and they still haven't plowed the new streets. wonder if that is city or county?
  • I blew a hole in yet another on of Candice's Magic Slippers. Just goes to prove how often I wear them. I am now down to 2 matching pairs. And another 2 pairs of mismatched. But they rock matched or not.
  • Playhouse Disney can only be watched for so many hours before you lose your mind. It's good that it only runs for so many hours in the day.
  • the Babe and BAM are finally starting to play together. It's pretty cool.
  • a 3rd cup of hot cocoa can make you "the best mom ever".
  • the ears and tail from a lion costume can make for nearly an hour of entertainment for a 3 year old.
  • Hubby's boot is longer than BAM's torso yet he tries to carry it around anyway
  • Having a good friend that owns a snow removal company. I bet if I paid him he might even come earlier in the day. LOL
  • a collapsible play tunnel from IKEA is a life saver.
  • Make sure you have more butter in the freezer before you attempt to make cookies.
  • Savor every minute of it. You only get so many snow days.

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