Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday that didn't get written until Tuesday

Once again I have a poor neglected blog. Thank you friends for pointing that out. LOL
  1. The Babe and I are going on a road trip next weekend.
  2. I hate changing plans. It's frustrating.
  3. We need to buy a carpet cleaner or rent a Rug Doctor some time in the near future. The brown living room carpet is looking a little too brown.
  4. We are fighting bedtimes at our house. The Babe refuses to go to bed and stay in bed. Anybody have any ideas?
  5. I learned yesterday how to "dial into" my work computer from my home laptop. Haven't decided yet if this is a good or a bad thing.
  6. Our brush pile is in need of a good burn party. Anybody up for a fire and some spiked cider and/or hot cocoa?
  7. Have you watched Glee? LOVING IT!! The rest of the new shows this season, not so much.
  8. The truck needs some engine work. Good thing I know a great mechanic.
  9. Baby BAM is still the size of a baby but is starting to act like a toddler. It is fun to watch.
  10. Fall is my favorite season but I was far from ready for it to start. Did we ever even get a summer?

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