Monday, December 17, 2007

In 37 minutes Christmas is a week away

I am so not ready. It's my own fault. I really am trying to be Christmasy. I thought if I read other people's blogs about the happy holidaying stuff that I'd get motivated. So far it isn't working. I have however learned a few things. Ok, maybe not LEARNED, just observed.
  • some people have way too much free time
  • there are people who actually have more than one Christmas tree. I don't get that. I can barely get one up and decorate one
  • tradition is what you make it
  • the current "trend" in the stamping blogging world is to decorate peppermint patties for gift giving. Peppermint patties. Do they really think anyone will say anything beyond, "oh cute. a decorated peppermint patty. how nice." munch. and in the trash that stamped patty wrapper goes
  • there are as many variations on Christmas cookies as there are people in the blogosphere
  • not every body's kids look cute dressed up like a Christmas pageant character
  • a dog dressed up like a reindeer makes a really funny picture. no matter who you are and who the dog is. :)
  • hand crafted does not always mean "good to give"
  • I am way behind in the decorating thing
  • I am way behind in the gift purchasing thing
  • I am way behind in the fa la la la la-ing

that is all for today

- the Grinch

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